Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Yesterday we went to Fernbank with some friends.  As usual, the highlight of the trip is the children's section.  The museum has a few great microscopes.  You place an item under the cylindrical tube with the bright light and (voila!) it appears on the big television.  Last time we went to this museum we did not know about these microscopes, so we were stuck looking at the bugs & nature objects stuck in plastic.  This time, the girls planned ahead and brought a bag of their toys.  Here Catherine is looking at the cutie marks on My Little Pony:

Here she is looking at the details of a Barbie dress:
The kids also liked the canoe:
The Marco Polo exhibit (including a yert):
We had a great time at Fernbank .. these are just a few pictures!

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