Saturday, August 3, 2013

Painting Class

Today the girls did something they had never done before ... a real painting class!  We all had a lot of fun!  They could choose between painting a cat or a dog.  Catherine chose to paint a dog.
Sabrina chose to paint a cat.  The first step was to outline the animal.
 They both chose blue for the background.
 So serious!
 They even had to paint the sides of the canvas.
Catherine painted her dog bright pink.
 Just like Sabrina's cat:
After painting her dog, Catherine put a title on her painting.  She has a pink stuffed dog named Pupoomy the First.  It has received so much abuse, I mean loving, that I have had to repair it many times with needle and thread.  We have bought replacement stuffed dogs, but Catherine calls those "Pupoomy the Second," "Third," etc.  She will not replace that dog, no matter how raggedy it looks.  The portrait of Pupoomy the First even has a collar with "P1" on it.
 After the girls finished painting, the teacher used puffy paint to outline and embellish the paintings. 
 Sabrina's final masterpiece:

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