Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oxbow Meadows

Recently we went to Oxbow Meadows, a nature center in Columbus, GA.  It was quite interesting and we had a great time.  They had laminated some snake skins, which the girls loved:
You could really see the scales and the eyes in the snake skin.  We were shocked at how long some of the snake skins were.
 The reptile show of course included several snakes:
 And turtles:
 As well as an enormous tortoise shell:
We went outside to meet the two huge tortoises they have.  We watched them feed them turnip greens:

 I always thought of tortoises as slow moving, but they "rushed" to eat those turnip greens and ate them very quickly:
 The girls were thrilled that the tanks which were high on the wall had stands for the children:
 Checking out more of the animals:
I did not get a good picture, but they also had a bee hive and some honey comb you could hold.  It was a fun place to visit for the morning.

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