Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Chocolate Touch

I chose this book as a read-aloud because it was an interesting twist on the myth of King Midas, whom we studied last year.  Patrick Skene Catling has written a funny, unpredictable book:
The book relates the story of John Midas, who loves candy, especially chocolate.  He is given what turns out to be a magic piece of chocolate.  After eating it, everything else that he eats or drinks becomes chocolate.  Then everything he touches with his lips becomes chocolate.  The hilarity is very juvenile ... he gets in trouble because he cannot do his math work after his pencil turns to chocolate.  My girls found this hysterical, reminding me of the joy they had with Roald Dahl books.

The book has a happy ending with a "moral" lesson about selfishness and thinking of others.

Like I said, the girls laughed throughout the book and spent days "acting" it out.  It is a quick read and took us two sessions.  It is a fairly easy to read chapter book and a newer reader can probably handle it.  Also, I think a boy would love it as much as my girls did.

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