Wednesday, May 1, 2013

T. Rex Restaurant

Last week when we were in Orlando, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We were finally able to eat at T. Rex, a dinosaur-themed restaurant.  It is like the "Rainforest Café" on steroids.  The girls loved it, and the food was pretty good.  Needless to say, there were statues of big dinosaurs and baby dinosaurs everywhere:
Sabrina loved the dinosaurs and kept wandering around, petting them:
Catherine refused to sit next to the dinosaurs, which did move periodically.  The entire restaurant experienced a "meteor shower" every 15 minutes, complete with lightening and thunder.
One section of the restaurant was devoted to the ocean and had huge sea creatures:

This baby dinosaur was Sabrina's favorite.  If we return to this restaurant, we will NOT waste money in getting Sabrina a meal.  She would not sit at the table during this meal.
 The baby woolly mammoth:
Outside the restaurant there is a fossil-digging area:
I highly recommend this restaurant!

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