Sunday, April 21, 2013

Etowah Indian Mounds

We recently went on a field trip with our church's homeschooling support group to the Etowah Indian Mounds.  We had a great time.

The group was huge - about 80 people (mostly small children).  Our tour guide tried to explain to the kids that there were a lot of Indians buried here and they could not run around:
We all walked up the 134 stairs to the top of the biggest mound.  My father came with us, and he even made it up:
The girls had some fun running around on top of the mound with their friends:
The weather was perfect.  Catherine was a little afraid on the stairs, but I stayed close to her and made her walk all the way up and down by herself.
One of the lesser mounds (as seen from the top of the biggest mound):
The canoe lecture:
All the kids loved the swing near the Etowah River:
The tour guide gave a weapons demonstration for our group.  This part was by far the most enjoyed by the children:
He showed us how they made poisoned darts for the blow guns:
I thought only the boys would be enthralled by the weapons, but now my girls want to set up a target in the back yard:
The kids were not allowed to try the weapons, but they could touch the hand woven quiver:
The weapons table:
After the field trip, we went to lunch with my Dad.  I asked the girls to draw a picture of whatever they remembered from the field trip.  Catherine drew the tour guide shooting a bow and arrow, with the audience watching:
I love when I see evidence that they actually learn things from the field trips we take!

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