Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Partying with BTFC!!

One of our favorite Christmas parties every year is the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children's Christmas Party!  Of course the first thing the girls like to do is meet Santa:

 Ever the chatterboxes, the girls talked his ear off:
This year as a special treat they had Storm Troopers visit!  My girls had no idea who they were and found them frightening at first:
 Sabrina warmed up to them first:
 The games are lots of fun:

 A form of Plinko:
 The weather was great, so we took a "train" ride around the parking lot:
Eventually we got both girls to stand next to Darth Vader, the Storm Troopers, and two other Star Wars characters:
In addition to the games, there were lots of crafts & food!  Thank you BTFC!

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