Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve = New Pajamas!

Every year for Christmas we give the girls new, matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Catherine has caught on and asked me what color the pajamas would be when I gave her the present.  Sabrina is still clueless and asked me if she could pick out which gift she can open from under the tree.
This year Disney released the original Cinderella movie from "the vault," so we got them Cinderella nightgowns.  They are glittery and look like ball gowns:
 I found some cute matching slippers to go with them:
The kids loved the slippers.  However, I forgot the part of the Cinderella story where she loses one of her slippers.  Both girls continuously yell "It's midnight!," drop one slipper on the floor, and run off.
 Therefore, we find these slippers all over the house.
I could have saved some money and just bought one pair of slippers for the girls to share and only give each girl one slipper.

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