Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas 2012

Just a few times a year we dress the girls up in matching outfits and take "formal" pictures.  Yesterday we did this for our Christmas cards, and these are the results:
We are so lucky to live in Georgia, where the weather can be so warm that it is fine to wear sleeveless dresses in December!
These silly pictures show the girls' personalities: Sabrina is the cut-up and Catherine laughs at her, which only eggs Sabrina on.

 Catherine's flirtatious side:

 I love Catherine's gentle smile:

 Sabrina being flirtatious:

 I love this pose, although it was hard to get them to both look at the camera:
 I love the bare trees ... it is winter!
 Crossing a bridge ...

 I had to warn them a dozen times to be careful not to tear the tulle in their dresses!

 This is one of my favorites:
 Sabrina being silly again:

 We told Sabrina to try to be serious for a few minutes:

 The kissing pictures are sometimes the most natural ones:

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