Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catherine's Choir Performance

Every Wednesday Catherine attends choir at our church, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.  At Christmas time she participates in a show with all the other children.  Catherine stood next to her friend, Camryn, during the show.

For some reason, neither one of them was very focused on the singing and instead they played around quite a bit - during the show!
Here is one of the few shots we have when they are both actually looking towards the audience and singing.  The majority of the time Catherine had her back to the audience and watched the children behind her singing (Catherine always gets placed in the front row because she is so short).
 They are so loving to each other:
I am not sure if Catherine knew a lot of the songs, because she did do a lot of staring into space during the performance:
Still, Catherine loves going to choir and hopefully next time she will face front & focus.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

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