Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Enormous Crocodile

In keeping with our Roald Dahl read alouds, I recently read The Enormous Crocodile to the girls.  We read it in one sitting.  It was not as good as The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but we did love it.

This was a cute story about deception.  There are two crocodiles: an enormous one and a not-so-big one.  The enormous one wants to eat some children.  All of the other animals in the jungle do not think he should eat the children.  Dahl does a good job of creating suspense in his books.  I think the girls were genuinely concerned that the crocodile would eat the children.

In order to try to eat the children, the crocodile keeps coming up with fantastical "plans" to trick the children.  For example, he pretends he is a seesaw.  He hopes that the children will sit on his head and he can gobble them.

My girls loved the crocodile's plans and found them funny.  The pictures are funny and plentiful.  Like The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the girls frequently look at this book on their own.  I know they are thinking about it because Sabrina, out of the blue, mentioned to me one of the crocodile's silly plans several days after we read the book.

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