Friday, October 19, 2012

Dolphin Adventure

A few weeks ago we read Dolphin Treasure by Wayne Grover.  This week we read the prequel, Dolphin Adventure.  The girls enjoyed it.
The book is set in Florida and is a pretty easy read-aloud.  There are two human characters, but really only one is active.  There are three dolphins and two sharks.  The plot is fairly simple.  The narrator is a scuba diver. He encounters a family of dolphins.  The baby dolphin is injured, with a fish hook stuck in its tail.  The diver removes the fishhook and all is well.  A happy ending!

We read this book in two thirty minute sessions.  If my kids could sit still long enough, we could have read it in one day.  The best part of this book, like the other Wayne Grover book we read, is the discussions it prompted.  It introduced my kids to any new topics.

Prompted by this book, we discussed what scuba diving was, why they carry a tank of oxygen with them, why dolphins need to surface to breathe, why sharks do not, how some animal families help each other, what a food chain is in the ocean, and whether humans should help wild animals we encounter.  Lots of great conversations!

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