Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Little Pigs

Sabrina is only 4 and not legally old enough to be in kindergarten yet, so I have to make up her curriculum.  I have pre-planned the entire first semester for both girls.  For Sabrina's lessons, I included a nursery story of some sort each week. We read the story, do a craft, and try some type of activity for it.  This week the story was the Three Little Pigs.  The girls (in their leotards) went out into the front yard and pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf.
 They huffed and puffed ...
but were unable to blow our house down.
We also made story cards out of index cards.  I found a set of 5 pictures from the story.  After I read them the story and they made the cards, they each used the cards to tell the story back to me.
Even though this is technically part of Sabrina's curriculum, Catherine participates too. 

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