Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pictures at the Park

We finally took our "Easter" pictures!  Every spring I have bought cute matching dresses from the girls and coordinated outfits for Robby and me a few weeks before Easter.  We have the girls wear them the first time some day before Easter for formal pictures, and then they can wear the dresses to church on Easter.

Well April 2012 was quite hectic for us. We spent a week in D.C. sightseeing.  Catherine had a bladder operation followed by an ER visit a week later.  So, we did not do the pictures for Easter.  And then May passed.  June.  July.  And most of August.

So we were so excited when some friends suggested we take some pictures of our families today.  I love to alter the pictures to black and white:
 Me and Sabrina:
 The girls on a bridge:
 Catherine is such a deep thinker (should I start calling her Socrates?):
I love this pose!  Unfortunately, there are tons of distractions at the park and so Catherine's attention wavered:
 Kisses from Catherine:
 Me and Robby:
 Sabrina gets so silly during picture taking sessions:
 Catherine is so "over" this picture session:
Alright, so Catherine has decided she is willing to continue to participate:
I love this shot of us on the bridge.  It is actually a fairly short bridge, even though it looks long in the shot:
 I like this pose, but of course it is so hard to have four people smile simultaneously:
 Catherine making silly faces:
This pose makes Sabrina look shy, which she is anything but!

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