Friday, August 17, 2012

Cricket in Times Square

Recently we have read The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden.  We did several projects, but I did not photograph them (you would think I would be in that habit by now).
The book is quite cute.  It is about a cricket who lives in Connecticut and ends up accidentally taking the subway to Times Square.  He meets up with a mouse and a cat, who also live in the Times Square subway station  He befriends a boy named Mario, who helps to run his parents' newsstand.  There is quite a bit action in this book and my kids loved it.

For projects we did the following:
- colored a picture of Times Square

- made little tiny beds for a cricket in matchboxes (I considered buying a few crickets but decided against it)

- looked at a newspaper and all its parts (my girls had no idea what a "newsstand" was or what a "newspaper" is, because we get all of our news from television or the Internet)

- colored a picture of a pagoda, similar to the cage which they got from China Town

- looked at a photo album of a trip my husband and I took to New York City

This book is great because it exposes the children to New York City and various parts of it.  I definitely recommend it!

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