Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bottle Cap Art

When we decided to home school, I asked Catherine what she did at her school that she wanted to do at home also.  One of the few things she told me was "bottle cap art."  Her school made huge, elaborate pieces of art work out of plastic bottle caps which the entire school had collected for months.  We of course could not do something on the same scale, but we did a modified version.

We collected plastic bottle caps for several months.  Then we washed and sorted them:
We had considerably more white bottle caps than any other color (because that is the color of the bottle caps on the water bottles we get from Costco), so we decided to make a snowman.
We used a hot glue gun to attach the plastic caps to the poster board, which worked pretty well.
This was a fun family project that took about an hour and cost almost nothing.  The girls were able to stick the caps down once we put hot glue on them.
 Our final product:
We did not use all of the caps, so the girls want to save some more and make another project in a few months.

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