Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing in the Sand

This week the girls and I were able to go to the beach.  Sadly, Robby couldn't go because he had to work.  Sabrina had not been to the beach since she was about 18 months old, so this was her first cognizant trip.  She did NOT like the sand and complained a lot about it.  Neither one of them liked the water.  When I tried to get them to walk in it, they both balked.

But they did play with a bucket of water and some sand toys:
 Catherine did sit (somewhat) near the water and threw handfuls of sand at it:
I was not able to get a lot of reading done because I had to go to the water and refill that bucket every 5 minutes:
 Catherine had a good time searching for shells:
 Sabrina showing off a tiny shell:
Transferring water between sand castle molds (they didn't even come close to building a sand castle, even after I gave them some instruction):
 Catherine deciding she wanted to make a "sand angel:"
 Sabrina overcame her distaste for the sand and copied her sister:
 Catherine's back after her sand angel moment:
 Both of them watching the ocean:

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