Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Money Eggs

I spend way too much time reading homeschooling blogs and Pinterest.  Of course I glean great ideas from them, but I am trying to figure out ways to minimize my time on the Internet while still getting the ideas.  But, that is another discussion for another day.

Catherine is still learning how to count money with several different types of coins.  I found an idea recently called "money eggs."  Catherine loved this and has actually requested that we do this several times. 

The idea is simple.  I got an empty egg carton and 12 numbered plastic eggs.  I filled them with various amounts of coins.  Catherine has a worksheet to accompany this exercise.  Her job is to open each egg, count the money, and write the amount on the worksheet.  Of course Sabrina helps!
I have discovered that any time I can add a little mystery to a school assignment, the girls love it.  I have also used empty tissue boxes for similar activities. 

I have written addition or subtraction problems on small folded slips of paper.  Catherine draws a problem out of the box, writes it on her paper, and completes the problem.  She basically creates her own worksheet.  But instead of the normal resistance I get from worksheets, Catherine loves it.

For Sabrina, I have written the letters on small folded sheets of paper, which I put in the empty tissue box.  She picks a letter and then copies it onto her paper.  Sabrina gets so excited about drawing a letter out that she closes her eyes when she does it.

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