Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Call Her Smurfette!

As I was packing for this beach trip, I grabbed a small box of freebie kids' chalk which has been sitting on a shelf in my garage forever.  I thought maybe if they get bored swimming at the pool, we could play with chalk.  I could not imagine how much fun Sabrina would have.  It started out rather innocently:
 But soon the water splashed on the chalk:
 They figured out the wet chalk would change the color of their hands:
 At this point Catherine had had enough, but Sabrina kept on playing:
 She got blue chalk on her face:
 And her arms and legs:
I mean seriously on her arms.  I thought she looked like a character from Avatar, but everyone who walked by called her Smurfette.  Catherine laughed at her hysterically.

In case you are wondering, some of this washed off with the pool side shower.  The rest came out in a soapy bath.

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