Saturday, June 16, 2012

Art Day

When we started home schooling, I asked Catherine what she wanted to do at home that she had done at school.  One of the few things she said was "have an art day."  We cannot recreate everything her school did, but we did have a day today where we did 19 different craft projects, about half of which we have never done before.  The girls had a blast.  This was also a good day for me to clean out my craft closet and actually do a bunch of the projects I planned months ago.

We used large foam stickers to spell out their names, then painted around them.  When we removed the stickers, their names were in white, surrounded by paint.
We made collages out of torn paper.  Sabrina made a peach with a stem and a tunnel hole (we are currently reading James and the Giant Peach):
 We also made Shrinky Dinks.  I had never done this before.  We colored them with colored pencils:
Then the girls squealed for three minutes straight as the Shrinky Dinks baked in the oven.  They curled into a little tiny ball, then they flattened out.
When they came out of the oven, the formerly 5-6 inch large objects were now less than an inch big. I could not believe how much they shrunk!
 We used sponge stamps to play with paint:
 They loved all the painting we did:
 I am not sure why, but Sabrina made a big pile of sponge stamps:
We also used crayons and stickers to make scenes.  We did some of animals (drawing a habitat and adding animal stickers) and a few princess scenes.  Catherine has made a ballroom with curtains and a chandelier in the middle (with a sticker of Cinderella dancing in the middle):
Sabrina made an underwater scene with a sticker of Ariel in it.  Here she is spreading blue glitter glue on it:
 We drew flowers with chalk:
 We made Easter eggs with crumbled up tissue paper:
 We used dried spaghetti to make log cabins:
 We finger painted (which requires a lot of baby wipes!):
I matted one sample of each type of art we did and hung them on the wall in our foyer.  Catherine found some heart stickers and decided that she wanted to put a heart sticker on every piece of art she liked:
We called the foyer an "art museum."  The girls were so excited to show Robby their art museum.  He told them they should charge admission to the art museum, which they did when Grandpa arrived for dinner an hour later.  They told Grandpa that admission was fifty cents, but they got a little confused.  At first they paid Grandpa to come to the art museum.  Eventually Robby convinced them that the visitor to the art museum needs to pay them, not the other way around.

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