Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Aquarium at Baltimore

Recently we went to Baltimore and toured the National Aquarium.  Because we had seen the movie Soul Surfer (about a teenager whose arm was bitten off by a shark yet she overcomes it to return to competitive surfing), the girls told every shark they saw "don't bite any arms off!:"
 We also saw a bunch of frogs:
 And water turtles:
 Some funky fish:
 Sabrina eyeing a huge fish:
The girls loved the dolphin show:
 A dolphin waving its tail at the crowd:
 The dolphin shaking its head side to side:
 Laying down with the dolphins:
 One of my favorite tricks was the dolphins and a trainer peeking over the edge of the pool:
 At the very end, they had a dolphin jump out of the water and tap a ball:
 Swimming with a dolphin:
 The National Aquarium has a huge jelly fish exhibit:
 We had fun wandering around Baltimore's Inner Harbor also:

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