Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Golf Tournament Dinner

We have benefited from several wonderful charities during our journey through pediatric cancer.  So, whenever one of them asks us to help them, we do.  The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children serves children and families throughout the entire Southeast.  Every year they have a huge golf tournament to raise money.  The tournament includes a dinner, at which they auction off birdhouses which were painted by the kids.  They also introduce several of the children to the golfers at this dinner.

Last year Catherine's birdhouse sold for a hundred dollars!  I am not sure how much hers sold for this year, but when we left the silent auction on her item was at fifty dollars.
Because this was a dinner accompanying a golf tournament, there was a small indoor putt-putt area which the children could play in:
 Catherine loved her moment on stage and had no problem talking with the crowd:

Sabrina joined in and had something to say (she always does!):

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