Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Air and Space Museum

I am not the least bit impressed with planes and spaceships, but Robby is.  So, we went to the Smithsonian's "new" Air and Space Museum, out near Dulles Airport.  It is HUGE. There are tons of planes, helicopters, and space vehicles every where you look.
 The very first Fed Ex plane (it was very small):
 A life-sized mock space shuttle:
Sabrina taking a picture of Catherine in front of an astronaut costume:
 The Mars rover (it is really tiny and looks like a toy):
 The Gemini capsule:
 The Apollo capsule with the inflatable floats so that an astronaut can be rescued at sea:
 Catherine was impressed with the collection of space-themed Barbies:

Robby's favorite part is the airport viewing area.  This museum is literally next door to Dulles Airport,  so you can watch planes take off and land for hours. 

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