Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Fling at Camp Sunshine

Every year Camp Sunshine hosts a fabulous festival called Spring Fling, which is an Easter themed party.  Like everything else they do, it is a great event.  They have carnival like games (throwing eggs into a basket):
 Sand art:
 Spinner painting:
 Face painting (as well as arm painting for my girls):
 More sand art, but this table had edible colored sugar instead of sand:
 Sabrina had her face painted like Hello Kitty, with a big pink bow on her forehead:
 Catherine painting a sun catcher:
 Decorating cookies (with tons of sprinkles!):
 The girls had a blast playing with the mascot, Peaches the Bunny:
 Camp Sunshine's resident magician, Mr. Tome, drew pictures for the girls:
 They loved watching him draw whatever they told him to:
Catherine asked Mr. Tome to draw a bunny picture for Peaches, which she then delivered to the bunny:
Another highlight of the afternoon is the magic show and participating in it.  
Catherine loudly told Mr. Tome "You are a silly man!", which caused everyone in the audience to laugh:
 Sabrina wanted to be an assistant too:

 The last portion of the day is the egg hunt:
Our kids make us laugh because they walk past tons of eggs, picking out just the right ones:

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