Monday, April 23, 2012


On a recent trip through Virginia, we stopped and spent a day visiting Jamestown.  Not the real Jamestown (which is basically an archaeological dig), but the re-created walk through village which is next door.  The girls loved it.  Throughout the entire place, they had costumed interpreters.  The Village was divided into three sections: an Indian Village (where Pocahantas once lived), an English settlement, and the dock with three ships.  Here was the costumed lady who told us about the Indians:
She was wearing actual animal hides which she tanned herself and a fur scarf.  This woman at the dock was dressed like a cabin boy but told us all about the voyage the three ships took, as well as all the stops they made in the Caribbean.
 The girls loved the ships, because they got to climb on each of them:
 It was hard to get a family shot because of the wind:
Some people may not like the "fake" Jamestown, but I love how the kids could touch (and pull on) everything:
 The girls loved the ships so much they asked to go back and do them again:
 Sabrina playing in the belly of the ship:
 Sabrina practicing gardening with farm tools from the early 1600's:
 Catherine dressed up in some armor from the English settlement:
 Here's me showing the girls how to carry two buckets of water at a time:
 I can't remember what this was that the girls tried on:
 This Indian re-enactor told us how they cooked food.  It is kind of hard to tell, but there were a chicken and a fish impaled on that stick, being smoked:
 Sabrina used an oyster shell to dig out a little of the canoe:
 All the Indian homes had tons of animal skins, which they said were donated by local hunters.
In front of the entrance to every Indian home, they had a place for grinding corn. I guess this is like cooking, because the girls loved to grind corn and did it at every opportunity:

 Catherine showing off the finished product, corn meal:
 We had a great time at Jamestown!