Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Books

Both girls love to make little "books."  They are constantly digging through my scrapbook paper and making little books.  They will make books of different colors, shapes, stickers, princesses, etc.

I have been trying to utilize their passion for creating books for educational purposes.  At least three times a week, the girls make books of various things we are learning.  Sabrina has made number, letter, color and animal books.

Catherine has made a lot of books with phonics lessons or language arts and grammar lessons.  They love reading their books to Daddy and do go back and re-read them.  I love how they use the books they have made as reference materials.

Here is Catherine making a contraction book:
She had to match the penguins with two words to the accompanying contraction ("do not" and "don't").  She has gotten much better at cutting, gluing and assembling her books.

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