Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dice Games

Several weeks ago I found some math games which involve DICE on various web sites and printed out the worksheets. I finally got around to buying a bunch of dice at Target a few days ago.  I taught the girls how to play the dice games, and they love them!!  I am not sure how long their enthusiasm will last, but at this point they still ask to play these games every day.
One of the first rules I had to set was that every time a roll ended up on the floor, it didn't count.  The girls are still working on controlling their rolls.  For Sabrina, her dice game involved rolling the die and "do-a-dotting" the number which was rolled.  This is just teaching her basic counting and number recognition.

For Catherine, I have found dice game worksheets that require her to roll a die and double the number:
 Or roll the die and add ten:
I have also found (but not photographed) pages for adding two dice together and adding three dice together.  This has really helped Catherine's basic addition skills. The girls constantly declare that they are "racing" to complete their worksheets, so it forces Catherine to quickly recall the addition facts.

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