Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yellow River Game Ranch

We recently took a GCA sponsored field trip to the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn.  "River" is a bit overstating the creek which runs along side the park.  It was very crowded because GCA had over 200 children there, plus the general public was in there also.  So, the thrill of being able to feed the animals diminished because the animals already had so much food at their feet they had no interest in more.  But, the weather was gorgeous, it was an outside activity, and the girls seemed to love it.

The web site advised that you bring stale crackers, carrots and celery.  I didn't read the web site until late at night the day before, so all I could find in our kitchen was crackers.  Many of the animals would not eat crackers, but did eat the raw vegetables other people brought.  There were tons of birds to see:
The highlight of the park was the bunny petting area.  They were so overfed that they had no interest in food, but they did not mind being patted.
The girls actually wanted to come back to this area after we were done with everything else for a second visit:
I have never seen so many different breeds of chickens before:
The girls kind of like the pigs, although they were smelly.  It was very hard to get the children to turn around and face the camera instead of watching the animals.
This is the girls in front of the buffalo.  They had about a dozen buffalo in a fairly small area.  Most of the cages were quite small.  The buffalo did have long grey tongues and would take crackers out of my hands.  The girls were too afraid of the buffalo to try to feem them.  They were very dirty and their pen was incredibly muddy.
 Sabrina petting a bunny:
I would sort of recommend the Yellow River Game Ranch.  It was too crowded on the day I was there.  Plus, the whole place is kind of dumpy and I was not convinced that the animals were well cared for in terms of shelter, space, etc.  But, my girls enjoyed it and did get to experience some animals.

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