Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jimmy Carter Museum

The homeschooling program we are using is called Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA).  It is an online school, although most of the stuff we do is offline.  Catherine requires a lot of supervision and direction.  Plus, the online lessons are often just a step ahead of watching television.  I try to watch the lessons the night before and then teach them to her. This may not work as the lessons get more complicated and Sabrina is also in class, but for now it works well.

GCA offers a lot of field trips for free or at a very reduced cost.  We have taken advantage of many of them including one to the Jimmy Carter Museum.  The Museum had a play which it put on relating to the Civil War.   Of course we have not studied any American History yet, let alone the Civil War.  But, the girls sat relatively still for the 45 minute production.  There was an actor and an actress who each played about ten parts, making small costume changes between each character.
 Catherine said that this costume looked like "Mary Poppins:"
 After the play, we toured the museum, seeing a life-sized replica of his Oval Office:
Catherine listened to some of the Sunday School lessons which President Carter taught (they love being able to push buttons and touch things in a museum):
The last portion of the museum is dedicated to the work President Carter has done post-presidency.  He has traveled all over the world for various reasons, so they had a replica of some plane seats:
I have seen the touch screen tables of digital information at other modernized museums.  The girls loved it and played with it for 30 minutes.  I am not sure if either one of them read anything at all or learned much at all about President Carter or that period of our history.
But, the girls love field trips and it is a great chance to teach them to sit still during a presentation.  I know that the next time we visit this museum, when they are older and more able to understand the subject matter, they will have this visit in their memory banks.

Catherine also loved being able to meet the actress:

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