Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I know that we should not label our children, but it hard not to regularly use the term "Silly Sabrina."  She is generally a very happy child and is so unpredictable in her silly behaviors.  For example:

-   While Sabrina is in the bath tub, I frequently walk up and down our upstairs hallway putting laundry away, cleaning, etc.  The other day Sabrina climbed out of the bath tub, in her birthday suit, and walked into the hallway (dripping).  She screamed "Mommy!"  I responded "Yes, Sabrina?"  She said, in a completely serious tone of voice, "Can I play hopscotch in the bath tub?" 

-    Robby walked into a room and found Sabrina with a pair of scissors, cutting her hair.  He took the scissors away and told her she cannot cut her own hair.  She had cut about half of her bangs off, leaving about a centimeter of hair in their place.  He asked why she did it, and she said "Sissy told me to."

-    We have been reading the Laura Numeroff books lately (If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, If you Give a Pig a Party, etc.).  These books are custom made for Sabrina.  When I tell her to pick out some books for me to read to her, she always chooses these.  As we read them, she studies the pictures.  She will ask ten questions per page:  Have you ever seen a pig wear a hat?  Have you ever seen a mouse draw with a crayon?  Have you ever seen a dog ride a bicycle?  I think she knows these are all fantastical situations, and finds them hysterical.

-   She has always been very ticklish.  Recently I have started doing "air tickles," when I hold my hand out like a claw and pretend to tickle the air in front of her.  My hand remains at least a foot from her, never making contact with her. Nevertheless, she will respond like she is being tickled.  She will writhe and giggle, screaming out "stop, Mommy, stop!"

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