Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sabrina Turns Four

Sabrina continues to be our little bundle of energy.  She wanted a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party, so we did it for her.  We let her plan as much of the party as possible.  We decorated with pink and black balloons everywhere.  We served pink lunch and "polka dots" (aka mini marshmallows) for treats.
 She wanted a hot dog bar for dinner:

 She wanted polka dot cupcakes:
Roasting marshmallows and making s'mores around the fire pit (yes, Sabrina is wearing a Minnie Mouse costume):

 Sabrina asked if all the kids could do the "hot dog dance" from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show:
The Minnie Mouse pinata was a little different.  Instead of hitting it with a baseball bat, each child pulled a string.

One of the strings opened a magic trap door, which caused the candy to fall out:
The mad dash for candy once it all hits the floor:
 Opening presents (Sabrina got a doll and a bunch of accessories):
Sabrina got a set of wooden dolls with magnetic clothes.  This is a great game for her because she can change the doll's clothes, by herself, every few minutes,
 Another doll outfit:
 A sock monkey:
 Grandpa gave them a toy grand piano, a bunch of Disney figurines, and new Ariel nightgowns:
 We are so blessed that friends and family can celebrate her four years with us!

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