Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sabrina's Singing Debut

We go to church almost every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening.  The girls love the Wednesday night activities: dinner, choir, mission friends, and general play.  Sabrina normally talks non-stop, but she was actually a little shell shocked during the Christmas concert.  I remember that Catherine had the same reaction, she just wasn't sure what was going on.  All of a sudden, she was on a stage with her classmates singing.  By the time Sabrina figured out that she was supposed to be singing, the concert was almost over.
I love it when they give props to the children to use.  Lots of kids were accidentally poked in the face by the plastic stars.  They also taught them hand movements to accompany the songs, but I am not sure which children are doing the correct hand movements for this song:
Sabrina did find us in the audience and wave to us:
I am glad she saw us.  I know the girls love choir.  I do not believe I have a musical cell in my body, so any chance they have at learning any musical skills or appreciation will have to come from outside sources. 

I especially find the logistics of toddler concerts cute:  15 minutes to get the children standing on the risers and facing the same direction, 3 minutes to sing their songs, 20 minutes to get the children reunited with their parents in the middle of the mob scene.  Some kids start crying, some poke their neighbors.  Behind the risers several adult volunteers are positioned to catch any children who might fall off the back of the risers.  At least 10 parents video tape the entire "concert" and everyone photographs their children.

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