Friday, December 9, 2011

Post Office Tour

A few weeks ago Catherine's Daisy troop took a tour of the local post office (I know I am behind in my blogging).  The girls enjoyed this tour, but then again they seem to enjoy every field trip we take.  Here is the group with Brian, the tour guide:
Sabrina is checking out an individual carrier's section.  I did not realize that the Post Office had staff who pre-sorted the mail into routes.  Then, the individual carriers must sort their mail into slots per address.  Once done, they can then load their mail up and go on their routes.
Here is the group in front of a mail truck which we got to tour:
Inside one of the big trucks which deliver mail to the post office:
Touring some of the offices:
Above the mail sorting floor, they had catwalks with windows facing downwards.  These catwalks are for postal inspectors to use to observe the sorters and make sure they aren't stealing anything out of the mail.

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