Monday, December 19, 2011

Playhouse Construction

We decided to build the girls a playhouse in the backyard for this Christmas.  They are still young, so we wanted them to have it for as long as they could enjoy it.  My father is an architect, so of course he designed it.  We wanted it to be able to convert to a tool shed when the girls outgrow it. So the back has a full size door and it will be wired for electricity.

So, my father drew up some plans, which neither Robby or I really understood.  We have started to construct it and will have it completed by Christmas.  Originally I wanted the playhouse to be a surprise.  I suggested my Dad build it in modular pieces at his house and we assemble it on Christmas Eve, after the girls went to bed.  My Dad thought I was nuts and rejected my idea.

So, we began construction.  We have told the kids that Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa are building it and Santa might bring them the key to it.  There is no way we could keep it a secret, as my Dad has been here several days a week, all day, building it.  Plus, it is huge.  I had no idea it would be as large or as fancy as it is.  Both Robby and I are in shock at how fancy it is.

Here are some construction shots:
I love the above shot because it shows the windows and shutters.  Plus, it shows all the trim which my Dad has added.  I had to leave one afternoon during construction to go handle a court case.  When I came back, my Dad had put trim on the top and bottom of the columns!
This shot shows the size. We have since put a step between the side of the porch and the swingset/slide area.  Of course I took these pictures while it was still under construction, so there are tools and supplies everywhere in the pictures.
My dad painted the front door pastel pink.  It is so cute.  Adults have to bend over so much, it feels like you are Alice entering Wonderland.

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