Friday, December 30, 2011

More Advent Projects

This year our holiday season was far busier than is at all comfortable.  We have been working hard to finish our bathroom and build a playhouse at the same time.  In addition, we spent a few days in and out of the hospital dealing with Catherine's bladder/colon issues.  So, we got really behind on the daily advent projects.

Last year we were great about doing one project each and every day.  This year we did nothing for about a week or so, and then had marathon days on which we did several projects all at once.  Despite our lack of consistency, the girls still loved the projects.

Being lifted up and grabbing an envelope is tons of fun for the kids:
 They also love the surprise of opening the envelope:
We made paper chains out of red and green strips of paper:
The girls love how long the paper chains can get:
The girls love putting candy canes on the tree (Catherine's parapro gave her a set of Ariel jewelry and tiara for Christmas):
 One of the activities was to play a game, so we played Candyland:
 We made snowmen out of a sticker set:
 We colored Christmas pictures:
Despite our haphazard holiday season, I still think this was a fun activity and the girls did love it.  I pray that next year will be less chaotic so we can enjoy Christmas more.  Of course I need to get more organized in September and October to be better prepared next year. 

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