Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catherine's Christmas Concert

This past Sunday Catherine sang in her first grade church choir concert.  I love that Catherine always gets to stand in the front row, because she is so short.  She and a few other kids held posters which, when held up next to each other, showed the image of a city.
The "producers" of the show had an image of the kids on the big overhead screen behind the children.  This was great because the parents could see the children.  But, the children frequently got distracted and watched themselves on the screen instead of looking at the audience:

Here is the "city" and the stars above it when held up by the children.  Catherine is completely covered by her poster:
When the kids sang "Let My Little Light Shine" (or whatever the song is called), they held up wants with stars on the end:
Every time Catherine's image appeared on the overhead screen, Sabrina pointed to it, so Robby took a picture of it:
 I have no idea why, but it appears that Catherine is cracking up in the middle of the concert:

 I think this is part of a wave to us:
After the concert, we attended our church's Christmas Packages, a festival of various Christmas activities (I'll blog about that later).  When we were leaving, I asked Catherine what her favorite part was.  She said "singing in the concert." 

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Vicki Fritz said...

So cute! I enjoyed reading the comments about the concert! Vicki