Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink & Brown

A few days ago a friend of ours encouraged us to take some pictures of the kids in pink & brown.  I love how the dark pink "pops" in the pictures:
 I hate that Sabrina has started sticking her tongue out during pictures!

This entire photo shoot was only about 30 minutes and involved 3 families.  However, my kids got "over" sitting for pictures pretty quickly:

 Sabrina decides she wants to play instead of sit on the rock one more second:
 Catherine, in deep thought:
 I love shots of the kids laying on their tummys.  Not every kid will do this, but Sabrina is game for it:
 Robby loves this shot because of the angle.  I love her smile:
 Catherine's hair is getting so long:
 Still, she is bored with taking pictures:

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