Saturday, October 29, 2011

"My Gym" Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to a birthday party at My Gym.  It was a blast!  The first activity was to have all the kids sit in a circle.  Each child stated their name, then ran around the circle.
Sabrina's turn to run:
 Catherine's turn to run:
Sabrina hanging on a "high" bar:
One of the organizers put on a see-through blindfold and bopped the kids on the head while they ran around:
 I love seeing the huge smile on Catherine's face:
 Sabrina trying to freeze during freeze tag:
The girls held on to the trapeze while it spins around:
 Catherine held on to the rings while the organizer swung her back and forth. She loved this too:
 Sabrina's turn to swing:
 The organizers swung the big foam pieces, while the kids had to zig zag between them:
 All the kids laughed while they ran through:
 Sabrina stopped in the middle to push one of the foam squares away:
The best thing the girls got to do was the zipline.  I was impressed that Sabrina actually held on:

I asked the organizer to hold Catherine because I was afraid she wouldn't have the strength to hold on herself, especially if she started laughing:
Robby thought the zipline looked like so much fun her tried it himself:

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