Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Trees... and Then Other Trees

Now that it is October, I wanted to do a fall project.  I drew stick trees and gave the girls a little bit of orange, yellow and red paint.  They loved using their fingertips to make leaves!  I am constantly impressed with my kids.  Both of them told me they are going to put some leaves on the ground and some in the air on the way to the ground, because leaves fall off the trees in the fall.
While we were doing the fall trees, Catherine asked me if we can do winter, spring and summer trees.  This was not in my plan, but I went with their excitement.  Catherine's class at school has been studying seasons and weather, so I think that is where she got the idea.  Here's Sabrina putting snowflakes on a bare tree:
I was so proud of Catherine when she made little tiny leaves on her spring tree, telling me that in the spring the leaves are just sprouts, so they are smaller.

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