Monday, October 31, 2011

Camp Sunshine Fall Festival

One of the best (well, actually the very best) fall festival that we go to each year is held at Camp Sunshine.  Located in Decatur, Camp Sunshine offers programs all year round for children battling cancer and their families. They also have bereavement programs.  It is a phenomenal place and we have spent a lot of time there.  During the past festivals, my girls loved having their faces painted.  This year they didn't want their faces painted, just their arms:
Sabrina is so expressive, as this picture shows.  The face (or in our case, arm) painter also made balloon flowers and animals.
 Some of the many carnival like games:
Catherine rejoices when she successfully drops a clothespin in a milkcan:
Sabrina and the bean bag toss:
Sabrina enjoying the bouncy house:
Sabrina gets airborne in the slide:
 The girls also love the cakewalk:
Even Catherine, who of course has no desire for baked goodies, loved running around and around while the music played:
This was the first year that Catherine was able to make sand art jewelry all by herself.  In the past we have always had to help her in the past.
Sabrina was still eating her Smore, so she simply told the volunteer what colors she wanted in her sand art jewelry:
One aspect of the festival which is so fun is that all the volunteers dress up:
This year they had a drum set, which the girls actually loved playing.  This was the noisiest section of the festival!
 A special visitor arrived while we were there ... Dora!
The girls kept going back to "meet her again:"
They also got to paint small pumpkins:
Roasting marshmallows:
The girls actually did some of the festival twice, like the velcro darts:
 And cornhole toss:
And more drums:
 Tossing whole rolls of toilet paper into a mock toilet:
More drums:
 The volunteer helped Sabrina with the pedal:
Fishing for magnetized plastic fish:
We love Camp Sunshine for a lot of reasons. We have received a lot of support from the staff there, as well as the other families we have met there.  We continue to be impressed with the top-notch programming they consistently host!