Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rally 4 Quarters 4 Research

Recently we were asked to participate in a program at a local high school, Pope High School.  About six-seven years ago a Pope football player, Matt Hobby, was diagnosed with cancer.  His family started a fund raiser to help with research to cure childhood cancer.  After Matt passed on, the school has continued this fabulous fund raiser called Rally 4 Quarters 4 Research

They invited several local families with kids who had cancer to come to the night.  We had a great time.  Pope assigned two teenagers to help our family.  They basically played with my girls non-stop.  It took about two minutes for my kids to decide that these teenage girls thought they were cute and would carry them the whole time:
 The high school had a big inflatable football helmet, which the girls loved running through:
 They ran through it several times:
 The girls met some "real live football players" and got to hold footballs:
 The highlight of the evening was probably when the cheerleaders held the girls up above their heads:

 They both loved this:
Sabrina is holding one of the light sticks they gave us.  The theme of the night was "Constructing a Cure to Childhood Cancer," so they gave us light rings, light necklaces, and light sticks.

One of our brain tumor friends, Logan, is a student at Pope. We took a picture with him:
 The girls saw the referees and wanted to meet them:
 Catherine loved the cheerleader's megaphone:
 Sabrina playing with pom-poms:
Right before the game, we got to run on the field.  Pope's mascot is the greyhound, so the local greyhound owners had about 20 greyhounds on hand.  Sabrina and that "spirit girl" ran with the greyhound across the field.
 I was afraid to have Catherine run with a dog, because she can't run as fast.  So I ran with her:
Sabrina, sort of sprinting:
I am so proud of Pope High School, which raised $17,000 that week to help fund research to find a cure for childhood cancer!!

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