Saturday, July 16, 2011

Typhoon Lagoon

Last week we went to Disney World.  That place is so large that every trip we have taken has been completely different.  This time we went to Typhoon Lagoon for two days.  It is one of their water parks.  It is beautiful.  Here are some shots of it:
 There is a huge shipwreck in the center:
 All of the buildings are thematically designed:

There are lots of water birds all over the place:
There is an enormous lazy river which circles the entire park, with the wave pool in the center.  We did the lazy river several times.  The girls loved the tunnels, fountains, waterfalls, and little islands we passed.
Here is a shot of Blustery Bay, which is a small area off the side of the wave pool.  That hill is actually a water slide designed for small children.  The girls spent a lot of time there!
I loved all the flowering bushes everywhere:
Here is the wave forming at the beginning of the wave pool:
I highly recommend Typhoon Lagoon!

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