Friday, July 22, 2011

Our First Character Meal

This is our 4th trip to Disney World, but we just did our first ever character meal.  They are all very expensive, so we have been avoiding them.  We chose the princess lunch at Norway in Epcot.
During the meals the girls found it IMPOSSIBLE to focus on the meal (of course Catherine has no interest in eating at all).  While you are eating, five princesses wander around from table to table, talking to kids and dancing with them.  Here's Sabrina staring at the princesses while they are at another table:
Half way through the meal Catherine started jumping up and down on her chair, screaming "this is the best lunch I have ever had in my whole life!"
Her jumping got so raucous that my Dad (who was sitting next to her) was a bit concerned she might jump right out of her seat and fall to the floor.

Sabrina didn't jump like Catherine did, but she did keep her eyes on the princesses wandering around the restaurant.

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