Friday, July 22, 2011

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

After meeting the princesses, we went next door to meet Mickey and Minnie (their new home is also near the front entrance to the park).  Robby snuck ahead so he could get some shots of the girls waiting (ever so patiently).

 When we first started going to Disney World, the girls were afraid of the giant mice.  No more:
 Catherine's joy is written all over her face:

I love how Catherine is bending her leg like Minnie and Sabrina is holding her foot up like Mickey.  It is hard to get the girls to look at the camera during character meet and greets, because they are so busy interacting with the characters.

 The whole family (and Catherine still has a Minnie-bend in her leg).
I think it is so great that the Disney photographers will also take some pictures of your whole family on your camera too.  That way, we don't have to buy the professional pictures they have taken and can just use ours.
 As we were leaving, Sabrina wanted to rub noses with Mickey and hug Minnie one last time:

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