Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's A Small World

The girls love this ride, even though it is amazingly annoying after the first two minutes.  What is most annoying about the ride is that I do not think they have updated ANY part of it since it opened in 1971.  I am serious.  It is so tacky:
 Don't you love the color choices?  Lots of avocado ...
 I love the can-can dancers:
 Can you hum the song right now?

 I like how this ride simplistically tries to expose children to different cultures:

 A pink camel, with avocado and teal plants:

 We cannot forget the Polynesian cultures:

 Australia is represented by marsupials:

 I am not sure why the koala bears are blue, purple and green:
 This could be considered an offensive representation of African people:
Remember at the end of the ride, when all the cultures are wearing white and mixed together in one room?  I am not sure what culture wears huge bows on their heads like this:

 The hula dancers returned:
 As have the can-can dancers:

 Lots of glitter was used in this ride:
This ride is fun, even though it is hopelessly outdated.  The girls do sing the song the whole time and love looking at all the smiling puppets.

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