Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Books

I know I have not posted any "educational" activities lately, but we have been busy.  One of the fun activities we have been doing lately is to focus on painting with one color per day.  Each day the girls pick one color and I make three different shades of it: light, regular, and dark.  Then, they paint as many pictures as they can with just those three shades.  I then assemble their paintings into a book.

Here are my mixed color for yellow.  When I added black to the yellow, it took on a green tint:
 When we did red, Catherine told me that "light red" is really pink and "dark red" is really burgundy.
I also make the girls give me a title for each page they do.  Both girls frequently do pages full of dots.  Catherine also made a painting of her swim team on our blue day.
Catherine painted a flower, with rain drops.  She also did a page of three stripes, each a different shade of blue.
 It should not be surprising that Catherine painted Rapunzel's tower and a castle.
Here are Sabrina's pages from our red day.  She likes to make her handprints.  She also did a rainbow with the shades of red, and a self-portrait.
Here is a picture of a dress she painted, and I am not sure what Sabrina's second painting is.  A lot of her artwork is still fairly unrecognizable.
So far we have done red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and black/white/grey.  It is interesting how creative the children are becoming with this project.  At first Catherine would tell me "I'll use red for the leaf, but pretend it is green."  Now she will try to draw things that are generally the target color.  Sabrina is not as concrete because she is younger, so she will just paint whatever comes to mind.

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