Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writing Sentences

About a week ago Catherine made an enormous mess while she was making her overnight milk.  This is a task she has been doing for months without incident.  That night she got the formula powder all over the floor, the counter, and her sister's wet hair.  Not only did we have to clean the bathroom, we had to re-bathe Sabrina.  Her previously clean, wet hair was caked with formula powder. 

We have struggled with trying to find appropriate punishments for Catherine.  When we yell at her, she ignores us.  When we spank her, she giggles.  When we take away toys, she says "that's OK, I have other toys."  We do make her clean up her messes, but she doesn't seem to mind.  So, I decided to make her write out sentences this time. 

I had her write "I will be careful."
When I gave her the punishment, she said "OK Mommy, this won't take long at all!"  I was hoping she would dread it and get a hand cramp.  So, instead of one sheet of sentences, I had her write two sheets.  

I was also so mad at her for making the mess, that I had her sit next to Robby so he could monitor her.  He told me that halfway through the task she said "this is kind of silly, writing the same sentence over and over."

So, the search for effective punishments for Catherine continues ...

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