Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fifty State Book

I have all these great ideas ... I just hope I can follow through with them!  My newest idea is a Fifty State Book.  We will go through each state, one at a time.  We will read books and do projects for each state.  I will try to find some videos or movies about each state.  I will try to have the projects be something that we can tape onto a sheet of paper, so that the girls can save their work.

I tend to throw out the girls'work within a few days of them doing it, sometimes even the very day they do it.  So, I thought that maybe if they make a book about the Fifty States and can refer back to it, maybe they will retain more of the information.

Here are the pages we have done about Alaska (My intention was to do the states in alphabetical order, but I forgot about Alabama.  We will do Alabama next and then I will improve my alphabetizing skills.)

The cover sheet:
Coloring the state on the US map, and coloring a picture of a dog sled race (we also watched an animated movie about Balto, a dog who raced sleds).
Painting the Northern Lights (with the North Star in the center) and a Snowy Owl covered in white feathers:
A Walrus (I tried to get them to color them brown, but the girls wanted their walruses multi-colored) and a Polar Bear covered in cotton, I mean fur:
I also "ordered" 15 picture books from the local library on Alaska, Eskimos, polar bears, etc.  We have read them several times over the last few days.  Next we are doing Alabama.  So far, it has been much harder finding children's books (from the library) and coloring sheets.  Any ideas?

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Ticia said...

You might try looking up state symbols and using that as a springing off point for your studies.