Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here are our pages for the Alabama study in our Fifty State Book:

The bird is the Yellowhammer, so we included yellow feathers.  The fish is some kind of Silver fish, so we added some silver glitter on it.

The girls actually loved the story about Rosa Parks.  I left out the racial aspect and said "the rule" was that she had to sit in the back of the bus.  She was tired and sat in the front.  They arrested her and put her in jail.  Then no one rode the bus for a year because everyone was mad about the silly rule.  So, the bus company changed the rule and now everyone can sit wherever they want on the bus. 
They also liked the story of Helen Keller.  I don't think they had ever heard the terms "deaf" and "blind" before. 
 We had fun pretending we were Helen Keller and spelling letters out on our palms:

Lastly, we studied cotton, and glued torn up cotton balls on the pages:
We read some books about cotton farming and production:
 And a book about Rosa Parks:

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