Monday, May 16, 2011

More Animal Crafts

The girls love these, so we are continuing to study an animal (I read a book to them) and do a craft.  We try to do this once a day, but in no way am I that consistent.  We probably get several a week done, which is fine as supplemental education.  I am merely introducing them to some animals.  Here are some of the crafts we have done:
The above were ants that we made when we studied the anteater.  I could not find a good anteater craft, so I improvised.  Here are our pig crafts (easy paper plate faces):
For our frog study, we made puppets out of paper bags.  The girls put lady bug stickers on the end of the long tongues to represent the bugs the frogs eat. 
For the beaver craft, I found some worksheets where I cut out the various body parts.  Then, the girls assemble it into a beaver, glue it down, and color it.  I was not sure how this would work, but the girls did a great job (without my guidance) of assembling the beavers (somewhat) correctly.  Catherine even glued the miniature sample picture on her project so she could refer to it as she went.
It is also hard to tell, but Catherine drew a brown line in the mouth of her beaver to represent the branches they eat.  I am always impressed when I see evidence that my girls actually listen to me read and remember the facts.  They tend to wiggle & giggle so much I feel like I am just reading to myself.
 Both girls added glitter to the funny beaver tails.
The starfish study was fun.  The girls were shocked to learn that if a starfish loses an arm, than the arm grows a totally new starfish!  We made our craft sparkly.

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